PCI-to-SATA RAID controller
Compliant to SATA 1.0 specifications
Two independent SATA channels
32-bit/33MHz (PCI 2.2 compliance)

RAID Function
Supports true Hardware RAID 1 (Mirroring), RAID 0 (Striping)
Capable of booting from standard and RAID volume

Data I/O Mode: 32-bit PCI Bus Master
Data transfer rate up to150 MB/s
Two 7-pin SATA internal connectors
Supports IDE hard drives up to Ultra ATA133 (when works in combination with AEC-7900 IDE-to-SATA converter)
Supports firmware update
Coexists with on-board SATA controller

Dual independent channel of SATA bus
Data transfer rate up to 150MB/s per channel

32-bit PCI Bus Master for 133MB/s of data transferring rate
Supports Scatter / Gather function
Automatic FIFO threshold selection
Low command overhead
True PCI Plug and Play

OS Compability
Mac OS X 10.x
Mac OS 9.x