Radeon® X1900 G5 Mac® Edition – Put the Power Back into Your Power Mac®



Key Features:


System Requirements

§         Apple Power Mac® G5 Edition - PCI Express based system

§         512MB of system memory

Graphic Features

§         Radeon® X1900 GT graphics processing unit

Memory Configuration

§         256MB GDDR3 memory

§         256-bit memory interface

Operating System Support

§         Mac OS X 10.4.7 or higher

Display Support

§         Dual integrated dual-link DVI for high-resolution digital displays

§         VGA mode support on DVI outputs (with adapter)  

§         Drive two displays simultaneously with independent resolutions and refresh rates


§         Dual dual-link DVI-I

§         9-pin S-video/composite video output

§         VGA support through dongle

Display Modes

§         Digital Displays (Connected by DVI)

§             All Resolutions up to 2560x16003

§         Analog Displays (Connected by VGA)

§             All resolutions up to 2048x15363

§         TV-out

§             NTSC and PAL up to: