The ATTO Celerity FC-42ES leverages two next-generation storage technologies - PCI Express interconnect and 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel.

With 4-Gigabit FC speeds of up to 800 MB/sec. per channel, the Celerity FC-42ES is a perfect complement to ATTO's line of 4-Gb FC host adapter products. The FC-42ES takes advantage of the latest in host interconnect technology -- PCI Express -- a serial, high-speed connection that supports the most demanding application requirements including high-definition video, rich content databases and other high-bandwidth environments. With software-compatible with existing PCI and PCI-X products the FC-42ES uses the same device drivers as the other Celerity FC family products, simplifying user installation and support. ATTO Celerity host adapters are an integrated family of advanced storage connectivity solutions that are designed to provide reliable connectivity, intelligence and scalability.

Meeting tomorrow’s connectivity needs today, Celerity FC host adapters extend the capabilities of software and hardware, increase overall system performance and drive intelligence all the way to the edge of the SAN.
Celerity, a platform for advanced storage connectivity.