BEWAN Access Point Outdoor

Wireless 802.11a+g
Dual-Band Outdoor AP
Speed up to 108Mbps
waterproof and weatherproof
WEP & WPA encryption
Built-in PoE module
Multi operating modes: AP, Bridge, Repeater, and AP client

Bewan Outdoor Access Point is a Wireless 11a+g Dual-Band Outdoor Access Point. It allows simultaneous data transmission to all 802.11a/b/g equipped wireless products, such as notebook, desktop, access point, and hotspot.

Bewan Outdoor Access Point supports WDS, which offers multi-operating modes : Access Point, Point-to-point Bridge, Point-to-multipoint Bridge, Repeater, and Access Point client, that can address users’ requirements for most of outdoor applications and gain flexibility beyond a sole outdoor Access Point.

As a result, Bewan Outdoor Access Point is suitable for separate buildings, campus, residential area, Café, shopping mall, enterprise, airport, and community, which extends the coverage range and overcomes geographical limitations.
Ideal for harsh environment, the Bewan outdoor AP offers robust waterproof and weatherproof case that can protect itself against rain and wind vibration, lightning, and blizzard.

The built-in IEEE compliant PoE module can supply power with a single LAN cable and reduces setup expenses and increases location options to provide power to the unit.

To ensure your added security and privacy, Bewan Outdoor Access Point has integrated 64, 128 and 152bit WEP&WPA encryption, 802.1x/EAP authentications, Layer 2 isolation, MAC address filtering, and hidden SSID. With several N-type connector antennas available at Bewan, you can choose 8, 14 or 24dBi outdoor antennas at your own choice.