The SPOT54G-T is a Network Access Controller dedicatedly designed for small-scale Ethernet wire and wireless network security, deployment and management total solution.
It enables administrators to effectively manage different categories of users on wireless and wired network. In addition, with its Access Point (AP) management functions, administrators can discover, configure, update, and monitor all managed APs from a single secured interface, and from there, gain full control of entire wireless network.

Simplified Deployment and Administration

Ease of integration into existing wireless and wired network
No change of configuration is required on client devices
Customizable login portal page to control the authentication process
Ability to manage the entire wireless network from a single point

Comprehensive Security Features

Integrated user authentication based on industry standards
Authorized end-to-end communication for both wireless and wired networks
Local VPN termination with client approach provides the highest level of wireless security without any hassle
Configurable packet filtering policies enhance the control of data traffic

Effective User Management

Simultaneous support for internal and external user authentication options
Easy management of guest access to wireless network
Policy-based control approach enhances the management of multiple categories of users
“On-line user list” monitors real-time status of each individual user
Provides detailed per-user traffic history log for analysis and record keeping

Centralized AP Management

Centralized remote control of managed APs avoids the need to individually configure each device.
“Automatic discovery” function can identify manageable APs and enroll them to the device list.
Remote status monitoring of managed APs and associated client stations ensures efficient network resource utilization.
Provides system alarms and statistics reports on managed APs

Target Markets – Small-scale networks