Lecteur-Enregistreur LTO-4 intelligent qui intègre l'ensemble des moyens d'archivage. Accès en réseau et contrôle par navigateur Internet. Compatibilité Windows/MacOS/Unix/Linux Livré avec une mémoire interne de 1T. Présentation: Mini boitier de bureau

? Connectivity
— GB Ethernet Port
— USB Ports X 4 (2 front, 2 rear)
— VGA Monitor, Mouse

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Prime-Cache Archive Appliance

Cache-A’s first product introduction was the Prime-Cache archive appliance with all the features needed to provide networked storage systems to video professionals. Prime-Cache systems utilize LTO-4 technology to enable archiving onto 800GB tape cartridges.

Prime-Cache represents a huge step forward delivering new capabilities to the professional video and film industries. Fast, small and unbelievably capable, archiving with Prime-Cache is easier than ever before. The lists below outline a range of features never seen before on any single archiving appliance.


Archiving Made Easy

  • Built-in searchable database of all your tapes
    • Prime-Cache remembers every single Cache-A tape it has ever seen
    • Prime-Cache shares its catalog database with all other Cache-A decks on the network*
  • Automated backup capability built-in
    • Schedule events to backup any network shared volumes at any time
    • One-time, daily, weekly, or monthly events cover your backup needs
  • Span archives across multiple cartridges
    • Treat a group of tapes as a single entity allowing files and directories to span past the end of tape
  • Standard LTO-4 tape TAR compatibility
    • No special hardware or software needed to read out tapes with any LTO-4 Drive

*indicates a feature which is not yet shipping    but will be made available via software    updates

Prime-Cache Advantages

  • Direct access to archived content from any platform
    • Simultaneous multi-user access
    • Volume sharing and FTP built-in
    • Windows/MacOS/Unix/Linux
    • Web page control over all operations
    • FTP, Samba, NFS, afp, Bonjour
    • USB storage device direct connections 
  • Directory on each tape
    • Media is portable, shelf-storable, interchangeable
    • Directly accessible with no special software
    • Lets you treat Cache-A tapes like video tape
  • Easy to Deploy - Easy to Use
    • Plug and play integration into Gb Ethernet networks
    • Integrates seamlessly into file-based workflows
    • Self-contained appliance is a complete solution
    • Lets you treat our LTO drive like a NAS
  • Content Aware
    • Keeps media metadata in each tape's directory and in the system catalog
    • Fully searchable database built-in
    • .mfx, .mov and .r3d file type support planned (option)*

Prime-Cache Product Specifications


LTO-4 Drive Specs

  • Native Capacity
    • 800 GB
  • Average Access Time
    • 64 Seconds from BOT
  • Average Load Time
    • 17 Seconds
  • Rewind Time
    • 121 Seconds from EOT
  • MTBF
    • 250,000 Hours
  • Uncorrected Error Rate
    • 1x10^17

Media Specs

  • Archival Life
    • 30 years
  • Durability
    • 5,000 load/unload cycles

Physical Specs

  • Power
    • 120VAC / 240VAC 50/60 Hz, auto-ranging
    • 120 Watts
  • Dimensions
    • 10.75 in. x 4.4 in. x 10.75 in.
      273 mm x 112 mm x 273 mm

Prime-Cache System Specs

  • Sustained Transfer Rate
    • up to 75 MB/s (large file performance)
  • Hard Disk Drive Capacity
    • 1000 GB
  • Connectivity
    • GB Ethernet Port
    • USB Ports X 6
      (2 front, 4 rear)
    • VGA Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard for Maintenance
  • IP Services
    • NFS - Unix/Linux
    • SMB/CIFS - Windows
    • afp - MacOS
    • Bonjour / ZeroConf
    • FTP
    • HTTP for status, management, configuration and file transfer control
    • "Support-Connect" for full remote service capability
  • API
    • SOAP / XML

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